Emma Grassi is a senior at Langley High School and is excited for her second show with Saxon Stage. After the amazing experience she had as a junior in the production of Evita, Emma is thrilled to play the role of Donna Sheridan for her final performance in high school theatre. Prior to transferring to Langley midway through her sophomore year, she performed as a soloist in the productions of Annie and Cinderella.  Emma has a passion for anything artistic; from visual arts to performing arts, she enjoys and appreciates the creative process. She aspires to study music, film making, and communications next year in college but also plans to join her schools traveling musical theatre performance company. Saxon Stage has strengthened her love of theatre and confidence on stage. She is incredibly grateful that Ms. Karasek believed in her and pushed her to be a better performer.


Mamma Mia will be the first Langley production Lily has been cast in. Theatre has been a part of Lily's life as long as she can member and she can't wait to add Mamma Mia too those memories. She is also grateful to have such a wonderful cast and crew to work with this year! 


Courtney Lund is a senior at Langley. She is very excited to participate in her first show with Saxon Stage. Courtney is a singer & dancer, and participates in Langley choir and Fairfax Academy dance. Courtney would also like to take full credit for getting the entire cast into the game Cooking Craze (not sponsored, but definitely interested). When not singing Courtney likes to write Dragon Ball Z fan fiction. But it’s not weird stuff. Like this last one she wrote was about the social class amongst the warriors on the planet Namek and how the rich actually risk their lives to protect the poor. Pretty noble right? But get this, the poor WANT to fight because it’s an honor for their heritage and they believe it brings wellbeing to their families. Anyways, as her father once said, “it’s been fun, and it’s been real, and yes... it’s been real fun”



Hannah Cameron Cadenazzi is excited to preform in her first Musical here at Saxons Stage. She’s made so many new friends and had an absolute blast on and off the stage. And she looks forward to the many shows to come 



Erin Kearns is a freshman at Langley High School and is excited to be performing in her first main stage production here. When she’s not on the stage she enjoys hanging out with friends and dancing anywhere she can. This has been such a fun, high energy show for her to be a part of and she can’t wait to perform along side her amazing cast mates.



Mark Andrew Bosset is a senior at Langley, and Mamma Mia is his twelfth and final show associated with Saxon Stage. He would like to thank the hard working casts and crews of every show he has been a part of, and wishes all of his classmates the best in future endeavors.



Alex is very excited to be in his first Saxon Stage production as Sam. Alex has always enjoyed theater and is very grateful to have worked with the incredibly talented actors at Saxon Stage. Alex would like to thank his parents for supporting him throughout the show,and his friends in the show for making it such an enjoyable experience.



Kat, a senior, is "dancing and jiving" into her 5th and final production with Saxon Stage. Kat is a varsity cheerleader and gymnast but is constantly singing whenever she gets the chance. She, playing the character Rosie, hopes you can "Take a Chance" on her and enjoy the show! She would like to thank her amazing best friends in and out of the cast as well as her extremely "groovy" parents, who have supported her every step of the way! 


Mary Kurbanov is Rosie and she is also absolute queen of Cast B. She is thrilled to be participating in such an amazing show that she can add to her theater resumé. Mary has been in a few other shows at Saxon Stage, including Gypsy, Evita and the delightful comedy the Dining Room. She is excited about Mamma Mia and hopes that you Waterloo along with us!




Julia Vaichekauskas is incredibly thrilled to be participating in her 10th Saxon Stage production as the role of Tanya, however bittersweet because it is her last show. She is a senior at Langley High School, and is going to Virginia Tech next year in hopes to pursue a profession in health. When she isn’t at rehearsal, she loves staying active by participating in sports or spending time outdoors. After four worthwhile years with Saxon Stage, she would like to thank everyone involved in the production of Mamma Mia, and in her past productions. She would not be the person she is today without them.



Jane Gerrard is a Junior at Langley High School. At Langley, Jane has also been in Gypsy and Evita and has participated in several one acts, including crew for the VHSL State Champion one act, Pillow Talk. Outside of Langley, Jane was most recently seen in Les Miserables at ATMTC Academy and The Little Mermaid Jr. at Encore Stage as Ursula. Jane is currently treasurer of Langley's International Thespian Society troupe. She has had an amazing time working with the amazing cast and crew and is very excited for this production!




The Ryan Wilson, of Langley High School, is a junior in college who is ecstatic about his 6th show Papa Pia. (or is it Mamma Mia)  He plays Eddie who is totally in the actual movie since he is EXTREMELY important as a character.  Outside, he is a rugged Brawl Star who takes 0 L's Brawling with some real men, he is also an "honorary member" as a track star.  He would like to thank the academy and his fam along with all the cast and crew and of course Ms. K.  “Come see Papa Pia… or don’t and be like that.”



William Bertin is a freshman and Mamma Mia is his first Saxon Stage production. He is excited to be playing Eddie in this fun musical. William has been in several musical productions including Children of Eden, High School Musical, Cinderella, and 101 Dalmatians (Roger). In his free time he enjoys tennis, golf, and singing.  William is having a great time with the cast and crew of Mamma Mia and hopes there are more productions in his future.




Rachel Lesan is a junior at Langley High School and is so excited to be a part of Mamma Mia as Ali with her best friends! This will be her third production performing with Saxon Stage. Rachel is also a Cappies Critic and has been working with the publicity team running the Saxon Stage Instagram. She loves to take pictures, hang outside, and play Cooking Craze with the cast.  



Tiffany Bennett is a freshman this year and is extremely excited to be participating in her first Langley main stage production. When she isn’t on the stage she enjoys having fun with her friends and loves to sing wherever she goes. The upbeat and fun nature of this show has made it so much fun for her to be a part of, and she can’t wait to perform with the wonderful cast and crew. 


Thomas Miner- is 18 and is a senior at Langley High School. Thomas is playing the one and only Father Alexandrios, a bald priest with holy style. Thomas loves acting and singing. He's been in numerous shows including Chicago, Harvey, and The Dining Room with Saxon Stage. He enjoys spending the time needed to prepare for eaclh show. He finds it to be absolutely imperative for having hair ready and done by the time the show begins. Outside of performing in shows and musicals, Thomas likes to participate in sports such as pole vaulting for the LHS track team. He wants to thank his family for their support and hopes they enjoy the show.




Hi I’m Sean Leech I'm 9 years old and a senior at LANGLEY high school, I don’t like many cheese but I’ll have some on my pasta and definitely on pizza. Cheese just is kinda gross sometimes, don’t hate me I just think it’s a bit overrated.



Peter Fox is a junior, and Mamma Mia is his sixth show with Saxon Stage. In addition to theatre, Peter has always loved to play and listen to music, making Mamma Mia, and the role of Harry, perfect, as Harry must be able to play the guitar. Peter has rarely needed to adapt to new accents or nationalities, but Peter loves the calm and collected, but also somewhat wild character that is Harry Bright. Although he has done little singing, Peter has loved the chance to sing individual parts, and have the opportunity to work closely with certain actors in such a large cast.


Cole Sitilides is a sophomore in his third show at Saxon Stage. He’s really enjoyed all the friends and memories he’s made in his time working on this show. He would like to thank his best friend Hannah and his family their endless love and support.



My name is Samuel Buroker, I am a junior at Langley High School. I have been acting in saxon stage for the past three years and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I am so happy to be playing Sky in Mamma Mia, enjoy the show.


James Johnson is a Langley High School freshman and this is his first performance for Saxon Stage. James has performed for over 5 years with Zerkalo Musical Theater, and enjoys the challenges and camaraderie that come with theater performances.  James is also an avid baseball player, playing for the Langley JV baseball team and local leagues.  He hopes to continue working with the Langley theater group throughout his time in high school.



Leland Hao is a sophomore at Langley High school who is super excited to participate in his third Saxon Stage production. He loves to sing, act, dance, and play on his phone. He would like to thank his family and friends for supporting him through of all his late rehearsals. He hopes that everyone enjoys the show but it still won’t be as good as “The Dining Room”.



Sofia Silvestri is super excited, almost too excited, to be taking part in her first Saxon Stage production as a freshman. She has really enjoyed meeting tons of new friends and making unforgettable memories. She would like to thank her parents for funding her Uber Eats account so that she wouldn’t starve during long rehearsals. Sofia has participated in many productions before and is so ready to take on another . . . 


Keiko Tani is a freshman at Langley and is excited to be part of Mamma Mia! Keiko has loved doing theatre from a very young age and can’t wait to do more at Langley. In her free time she enjoys procrastinating and playing ukulele like a quirky and relatable teen. Keiko would love to thank Ms. K for this incredible opportunity and her Uber eats driver for feeding her at rehearsal. 



James Shen is a senior at Langley High School and Mamma Mia will be his fourth production with Saxon stage. His favorite patten is polka dots, but he finds zig zags very attractive too! Life is a simulation


AHHHH GO CRAZY AHHHH GO STUPID!! gamergirl69 aka emma connolly is a senior and Is very excited for her Last prOduction with saxon stage, she will remember this family foreVer. in her free time catch emma playing minecraft. also Emma so RightfullY wAnts to thank each and every persoN involved. thanks for coming. haw yee 


Jacqueline is a senior at Langley High School and is so excited to be in her first production with Saxon Stage. Mamma Mia! has been an amazing experience for her and she would like to thank her friends and family for being so fantastic.


Evelyn Marzol is excited to be in her seventh and last production in Saxon Stage. Since joining Saxon Stage, she has made so many friends, although she thinks she has made the most friends in Mamma Mia and considers it her favorite show as a cast member because of the dancing. She is looking forward to ending her senior year and would like to thank everyone in Mamma Mia, especially her freshmen children.


Reem Alathari is a senior at Langley High School and Mamma Mia will be her ninth show on Publicity as well as her first and final debut on stage for Saxon Stage. In her free time Reem enjoys drawing and is grateful for the opportunity to use publicity as an outlet to express that. She would like to thank Ms K for an amazing theatre experience and formally apologize for any money lost due to her procrastinating turning in the poster designs. She hopes you enjoy the show


Claire Doody is ecstatic to be performing in her 3rd production for Saxon Stage!  She has been singing since a very young age and musical theater has always been her favorite music to perform. When she’s not on the stage, you could find Claire in a pool swimming competitively or singing with the Madrigals. She is honored to thank her loving friends, family, and cast who have helped to make Mamma Mia an ABBA-solute blast! 


Anderson Hauptli is excited to perform in his 3rd Langley production since his sophomore year. Anderson tends to enjoy film making, despite its differences he enjoys the diverse aspects of theatre performance just as well. He would like to thank the entire cast of the show for a great rehearsal process and the ideals of becoming a 2nd family.


Collin Toole is "totally stoked" for his second show at Langley. When he isn't at rehearsal, Collin enjoys playing guitar, drawing caricatures, and going to concerts, though he tends to draw more during school on his notes. He's looking forward to completing Junior year, and would like to thank the cast for making Mamma Mia worthwhile.


Mamma Mia! This is Joshua Guinn’s fourth production with Saxon Stage, and as a junior at Langley, he is very excited to be part of the show because high school is Slipping Through His Fingers. Josh loves to sing, act, and be an all around Dancing Queen. Not only does he want to say Thank You For the Music, but he also wants to thank Ms. K for being an amazing director and mentor. So Take A Chance on Me, and enjoy the show.  


Cynthia Hu is very excited to be in her first Saxon Stage production! She is a classically trained singer who spends her time competing around the world. She has also performed in many large shows and her favorite roles being Tam from Miss Saigon and Cosette from Les Miserables. Cynthia would like to thank the Mamma Mia cast, crew, and Ms. K for being amazing people to work with and hopes you enjoy the show!


Of all the wonderful things theater can bring to one’s life, the power of laughter, song and connection come to mind. Theater brings different perspectives to our lives, making us forget our hardships and hopefully, after experiencing its magic, helps us come to a different understanding of our own circumstances. So tonight, Sofia hopes that for a couple of hours, Mamma Mía makes you want to dance and sing along to the iconic songs you know and love. Shout out to her cast of incredibly talented and enthusiastic actors as well as her family for continuing to support her in pursuing her dreams. To Ms. K for providing her and other actors a platform on which to share their craft. Thank you for coming along for the ride. Enjoy the show!


Hi, I’m Carla and I’m in eleventh grade. This is actually my first show with Langley High School, because I am an exchange student from Spain. I’m really thankful that I decided to participate in the play because it’s so much fun and it helped me meet awesome people and start really good friendships. The show is also great, and all the lights and backgrounds are amazing. I’m really glad to be part of this.


Hi my name is Maria and this is my third show at Langley. We have all worked so hard on this show the bags under our eyes are gucci. I hope to accomplish many things like perusing psychology. I’m just letting life go with the flow. 


Marcus Alvarez is a junior and is very excited to be performing in his third show with Saxon Stage. Marcus has also been involved in publicity since freshman year. Marcus loves being involved in theater and enjoys filmmaking. He is very grateful to be apart of another production and he would like to thank the entire cast and crew for the amazing experience.


Abigail Frankenberg is so excited for her first musical at Langley. When she’s not camped out in the school’s auditorium or black box after school, she can be found at her dance studio. She’s so glad that junior year has gone so well and wants to thank Ms. K and the cast of Mamma Mia for making the rehearsal process so much fun.


Lily is a sophomore at Langley and this is her third main stage production with Saxon Stage. She is very excited to be a part of this show and wants to thank Ms. K and her family for being supportive. Κρίνος είναι το καλύτερο πρόσωπο σε αυτή την παραγωγή


Alexander is so excited to be in his first show at Langley! Alexander would like to say thank you to his family and all his friends in the show who have made him feel so welcome. Most importantly he would like to say good luck to all the seniors leaving Langley this year, especially Mark Bosset. 


John Rieling is so excited for his first show at Saxon Stage.  It his free time John likes to read, swim, and learn.  He would like to thank everyone in the show for being so king and welcoming and his parents for always supporting him.  


Amanda Mullins is a freshman and she’s super excited to be a part of Saxon Stage! From getting yelled at for dancing during instructions, to jam sessions on her breaks, She’s already made some great memories and she hopes to make more! Amanda would like to thank Tamara for her success and apologize to her mom for spending so much on Uber Eats. 


Kate Moore is a freshman at Langley and she is super excited to be in her first Langley musical! Kate has loved acting and the arts since she can remember. She loves competing in singing competitions outside of school and hanging out with her friends. She is so grateful to be able to perform with all of these amazing, crazy and talented people! Break a leg everyone! 


Siannen Keough is a freshman who has loved theater since she first saw Phantom of The Opera when she was 8. One of her most favorite things about being in the show is the late nights with her amazingly awesome cast mates. Mama Mia is such s fun and exciting show, and Siannen is stoked to have it be her first Saxon Stage performance


Cristina Sayegh is a freshman who loves being part of the cast of Mamma Mia. She is extremely excited to be doing her first performance with Saxon Stage in Langley High School. She loves the late nights they stay after school to practice, the cast bonding, singing songs together, making new friends, and the memories being made behind the scenes with the Mamma Mia family.


My name is alex dellatti and I am A elvis tribute artist. People call me elvis because it suits me and I dress as elvis like every day. Walk like Elvis sing like elvis and have the same hairstyle as Elvis Presley I love to perform on stage. I am always thinking about my next gig or show. Which place can let some elvis magic in their doors. I have hydrocephalus and have since birth. So it made me acted weirdly in front of public. I like singing because it can send me to a happy place where people are happy and i am the king of it all. I started sing when I was in 4th grade. And got into rock n roll and country 2 of my favorites mix. I got into swing and some new music. I do not like modern music. Or the 80’s junk. I love cars! Classic cars are my style. I like the olden times. The 60’s and the 70’s are my favorite years to be in.


Julia Toloczko is a freshman at Langley and new to the theater program, which she is very excited about! Julia would like to thank her mom for driving her to practices, and Emma for letting her submit her bio very late!

Not Pictured


Hi! My name is Ryan Jones, and I am a Freshman at Langley High School. This is my sixth production, and my first at Langley. I started acting in sixth grade when I tried out for the Churchill Road musical, and have loved it ever since. I have especially loved musicals because I love to sing and have been in a choir for 4 years. I always try to apply what I learn in the classroom to the music being performed. Mamma Mia has its share of both upbeat songs and meaningful melodies, and they are a blast to perform. I am really thankful for being given this opportunity, and I hope you enjoy the show!


Pranav Choudhary is a freshman, and he is extremely excited to be in his first main stage production with Saxon Stage! He has most recently appeared in Encore Stage & Studio’s Ghostchasers! and Pinocchio and Cooper Middle School’s Baskerville. He would like to thank his parents for dealing with his crazy schedule and his dog for keeping him sane. He hopes you enjoy the show!


Hi, my name is Tavian Jones and I am a ninth grader. I am really excited to be part of the ensemble in Mamma Mia. I starting acting in seventh grade when I auditioned for the musical and I loved everything about it, from acting and singing to hanging out with my friends backstage. I have auditioned for every play that I have had the time for since then and I am really happy to be a part of this show. Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoy the performance!



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